Monday, September 6, 2010

An interview with Carmen Beatriz Norris

Q – Could you introduce yourself briefly to the readers?

I am an American artist who recently moved from Hoboken, New Jersey to Swindon with my family. I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in New York City. As well as exhibiting and creating art, I have taught art to children ages 3 to 18.

Q - How did you become interested in art?

Ever since I was a child I have always been either drawing, painting or experimenting with art.

Mujer, 2005; collage, acrylic paints, beads, embroidery floss,

skeleton leaves, hand embroidered on watercolor paper;

13½" x 10½.

Q - What inspires you most as an artist?

Colours, patterns, textures.

Q - What is your favourite medium or media? Why?

Mixed media, I enjoy combining mediums to create various effects.

Q - Could you tell us some more about your work?

I am interested in patterns-in fashion, geometry, nature and the human condition. I’m interested in exploring how things connect to each other.

Q - How would you define your style?

Abstract, organic

Q - What are your influences; artists from the past or present who inspire you?

I have many...Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent van Gogh, Gustave Klimt, Raul Villareal, Joanie San Chirico. Writers-Sandra Cisneros, Esmeralda Santiago, Judith Ortiz Cofer.

Q - How do you choose the subjects of your works?

I collect images; anything that interests me. I keep a sketch book and use it to explore ideas and record my thoughts, a subject eventually emerges.

Palmas y Papel, 2006; digital collage, handmade paper,

beads, skeleton leaves, machine sewing, hand embroidered

on watercolor canvas; 10¼' x 8½".

Q- How do you prepare yourself for an exhibition or a show like the Open Studios?

I work in my studio; usually till the very last minute before I show my work.

Q - Are there territories (media, subjects, etc.) you want to explore in the coming years?

I still want to continue what I’m doing but devote more time to it.

Q - As an artist, what would be your dream?

To be able to create art and hopefully make a decent living from it.

Q - Could you share one thing that you have learnt in your own art practice that would be useful to other artists?

Be open to new ideas and where they may take you and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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